September 18 & 19

2 fun-filled days of live music, engaging speakers, dance parties, activites, food, prizes, & much more!


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4:00 PM
I Am They
4:50 PM
Thousand Foot Krutch
5:55 PM
For King and Country
7:05 PM
8:15 PM
9:40 PM
Casting Crowns
10:20 AM
Good Little Giants
11:05 AM
7th Time Down
12:05 PM
1:10 PM
2:20 PM
Peter Furler Band
3:40 PM
Colton Dixon
5:00 PM
Family Force 5
6:20 PM
Relient K
7:30 PM
8:05 PM
Jeremy Camp
9:30 PM
10:30 AM
Aaron Kolenc
10:55 AM
Silent Planet
11:55 AM
Decyfer Down
12:55 PM
1:55 PM
Children 18:3
2:55 PM
War of Ages
4:00 PM
5:10 PM
6:40 PM
We as Human
7:50 PM
Demon Hunter
11:00 AM
11:50 AM
Sine Cera
12:40 AM
Tony Love
1:30 PM
James Deering
2:20 PM
Backstage Royalty
3:10 PM
4:00 PM
4:50 PM
Samuel Powers
5:50 PM
The Protest
6:40 PM
3 Shades of Blue
10:00 AM
Lauren Creznic
10:45 AM
Nick Frey (Folk/Bluegrass Set)
12:00 PM
Alex Brubaker
1:00 PM
Mark Nicks-Seminar
2:15 PM
Nick Frey (Worship Set)
3:25 PM
Overgrown & Underground
4:05 PM
Mark Nicks (of Cool Hand Luke)

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Band Picnic


Meet & Greet

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Don't forget to bring your own lawn chairs.


Do you want to be a volunteer at UPRISE?

Let us know!

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Do you want to be a vendor at UPRISE?
Sorry we are all full for this year, but please check us out next year!!



Is UPRISE Festival just a music festival?
Uprise Festival features many music artists but is also full of games, food, and entertainment for the whole family.

What time does the Festival begin?
Gates open at 3:00 PM on Friday with bands starting at 4:00 PM.
Gates open at 9:00 AM on Saturday with bands starting at 10:30 AM.

Times are subject to change.

What time does the Festival end?
The Festival will end at 10:30 PM.

Can I bring a chair?
Yes.  A blanket or lawn is the highly recommended.  This event is located in an outdoor fairgrounds so there are no chairs provided except for the VIP deck.

Can I leave the Festival grounds and come back later?
Yes, as long as you wear your wristband, you can enter and exit whenever you need.

Can I bring my pet(s) to the Festival?
No animals are allowed on the fairgrounds (except registered canines for the vision impaired); anyone caught violating this rule will be asked to leave the fairground.

What is the policy on smoking/drugs/alcohol?
No alcohol, smoking, illegal drugs, firearms, weapons, or any item that resembles a weapon or firearm. Laser pointers are also prohibited at all stages and seminars. Items will be confiscated and will not be returned. Violators may be removed from the festival grounds without a refund. Any illegal activity will be reported to the proper authorities.

Can I take pictures or record video at UPRISE Festival?
Yes cameras and video cameras are allowed. However, videotaping of an entire performance is prohibited. This agreement is made by Uprise Festival and the performing artists to protect the artists’ rights.

Where can I find a lost child?
Lost children will be taken to the security tent by the main stage.

Can I bring fireworks to the Festival?
No fireworks are permitted on the fairgrounds.

Can I play Frisbee or other games anywhere at UPRISE Festival?
Yes, but please be considerate of other festival attendees.

Where can I dispose of my trash?
There are trashcans located throughout the grounds.

Where do I go if I have lost an item?
Lost items can be picked up at the volunteer tent.

What should I bring to UPRISE Festival?
Your wristbands, BIBLE, pen and notebook, sweatshirt, umbrella, sunglasses, blanket or lawn chair, money, etc.

Is UPRISE Festival only a youth event?
No, Uprise Festival is fun for all ages.

Is there a scheduled time for when the bands will be performing and the speaker will be preaching?
Yes, a schedule of both days’ events will be posted on the website, in the program that is handed out on the days of the Festival, and posted in various locations around the grounds. Times are subject to change.

Is there a dress code for the Festival?
Modesty is the key word. While the style and fashion these days seems to be “less is best,” we do not want to be guilty of causing another person to stumble.

Will there be an ATM available?
There will not be an ATM available.

Will moshing be permitted when the bands play?
Moderate moshing is permitted, but there will be security to keep it from getting out of control.

Can I bring my skateboard/in-line skates/bike to the Festival?
Yes, there is an area designated for skateboarding/biking with ramps to use. Skate/Bike at your own risk. You will need to provide transportation for any equipment to and from the festival. Uprise Festival is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please abide by all safety rules.

Can I bring a bag/backpack to UPRISE Festival?
Yes, but Uprise reserves the right to search them.

Where can I purchase artist merchandise?
Artist merchandise can be purchased in the Vendor building(the white building beside the food area). Please see the map at the back of the program for the location.

What is the address of the Festival?
10131 Possum Hollow Road, Shippensburg, PA 17257

Is there a map of the grounds and where activities are located?
A map of the fairgrounds and where everything is located can be found on the back of the program.



Can I volunteer for the UPRISE Festival?
Yes. To sign up to volunteer, please go to the home page and click on Volunteer.

Is it possible to volunteer for only part of the time?
No. Please click on Volunteer for more info.



Can I camp on the Festival grounds?
Yes, there are designated areas for primitive camping with a minimal fee. Please click on the Camping button on the main page for complete camping information.



Can I bring my own food to the Festival?
Yes, you can bring your own food and drink, but Uprise Festival reserves the right to search any and all coolers brought on the grounds.

What times are the food booths available?
The food booths will be open from 10 AM-10 PM.

Are there tables to eat food?
There is a pavilion with picnic tables near the food booths where you can sit and eat.

Is there food available outside of the Festival grounds?
Yes, there are several restaurants throughout the community available for your convenience.



How many bathrooms are there on the Festival grounds?
There are (2) main facilities located near gate 4 and the skatepark as well as port-o-johns throughout the grounds.

Are there handicap accessible bathrooms?
There are handicap stalls in the main facilities and also handicap accessible port-o-johns.



Where do I park at the Festival?
There is a parking lot across the street from the main gates. This is where all vehicles, with the exception of campers, will be directed.  Overflow parking will be displayed with signage.

Is there a fee for parking?

How close is parking to UPRISE Festival?
The parking fields are located across the street from the main areas of the Festival.

Is there handicap parking available?
Yes, handicap parking is located as close to the main stage area as possible. Please have a handicap sticker or sign with you or posted on your car when you arrive.


First Aid

Will there be first aid available on Festival grounds?
Yes, first aid is available near the Rock Star stage on the far side of the fairgrounds and near the Vendor building.

What do I do if I or someone in my group has special needs?
Please let us know beforehand via email what those needs are and we will accommodate as best as we can.



How much are tickets?

Tickets are $40 for one day and $45 for full event for purchasing in advance. They are $45 for one day or $50 for full event at the gate. Tickets are available at or

Why am I charged an additional fee per ticket?
The flat rate fee covers the processing and handling fees.  We want to make sure we have your information and you get your wristbands with no issues.

When will I get my order?
All tickets ordered this year will be exchanged at the gate.  When ordering online, you will receive a confirmation email with a barcode from  You must print it out and bring it to the gate to receive your wristbands.  Online purchasing will close at Midnight on Thursday, September 17th.  You must purchase at the gate after that time.

Will tickets be available at the gate?
Yes. You will be able to purchase tickets single day tickets for $45 and full event for $50.

Do I need to wear my wristband all day?
Yes. If you don’t wear your wristband during the festival, you may be asked to leave the grounds.

Do I get a new wristband for the second day?
If you purchase a full event wristband, you will have 1 wristband for both days.

What do I do if I lose my wristband?
You will need to purchase a new wristband if you lose it.

What do I do if my wristband breaks?
Keep the wristband on you and take it to the main gates.

If something comes up, can I get a refund?
There will be no refunds for this event.

Where can I purchase my wristbands?
You can purchase wristbands online at,, or Lifeway Christian Bookstores in Chambersburg, PA.

Is there a group rate?

Where can I purchase tickets the day of the Festival?
We will have the main gate open to purchase tickets.



Where do I sit?
There are many places to sit in the arena either with a blanket or lawn chair. There are no seats in the arena provided by Uprise other than the VIP deck.

Do I sit in the same place all day?
You can move wherever you want throughout the day but it is recommended to keep your original seat to ensure you get the best view.

Can I save my place?
Yes. You can save your place with a blanket or chair, but Uprise cannot guarantee your spot if you leave it unattended.

Can I reserve my place for both days?
No. You are welcome to secure a spot for either day but everything must be removed after the concert on Friday night.

Can I bring a tent to the arena area?
Yes. There will be a designated area for tents located towards the back of the arena. If you place your tent too far forward, security may ask you to move it.

Where is handicap seating?

Handicap seating is located just off center in the front of the seating area in the main arena near the sound booth.



Will there be security at UPRISE Festival?
Yes. We will have stage and grounds security.

Will bags be searched?
Uprise reserves the right to search all bags/coolers brought into the festival.

Are pocketknives allowed on Festival grounds?
No, weapons are not allowed on the festival grounds.



What happens in the event of inclement weather?
Uprise Festival is a rain or shine event. No refunds available.


Spaces are 20ft. X 40ft.
Camping includes both Friday and Saturday night of camping on-site for up to 6 people per space. This is BASIC CAMPING at its best, and it’s priced accordingly, only $65 for 2 nights! No individual nights will be sold although you may choose not to come until Saturday.

Meet and Greet

TFK 5:30 PM
Casting Crowns 7:00 PM
Skillet 6:30 PM
For King & Country 7:30 PM
Crowder 8:30 PM
Band Picnic 12:00 PM
KB 2:30 PM
Jeremy Camp 3:45 PM
Switchfoot 5:00 PM
Colton Dixon 6:15 PM
Family Force 5 7:30 PM



The festival will be held at the Shippensburg Fairgrounds in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania